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Independent Contractors

Forget 9 to 5. Join the freelance revolution.

Why Choose Us

The growing desire for flexible and challenging work means that more and more people are choosing to work independently. Today, one-third of all employees worldwide are freelancers, a trend that shows no sign of slowing. For organisations, this means both increased risk and increased opportunity. This new generation of flexible workers can help businesses to overcome the challenges of digitisation, global economics, and shifting demographics.

We have been talent pioneers for more than 70 years and understand how to adapt to changing market needs and pressures. We can help your business to safely engage with the freelance talent you need to meet your goals.

Do you need a team to support a specialist project? Or an expert to overcome a business-critical challenge? Are you looking to expand your reach in a new area or reform outdated processes? An independent consultant can be a reliable and effective solution. We can help you to find the right people for your organisation. Allowing you to plug in expert support wherever and whenever you need it most.
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The benefits of an independent consultant

➜ Only ever pay for the effective hours that a consultant works

➜ Our specialists are focused on outcomes and can deliver results quickly

➜ Gain access to well-qualified specialists for the short or long-term

➜ Flexible and fast solutions to support the termination of employment, maternity leave or illness

➜ Access extra resources and specialist skills for larger projects

➜ Connect with experts who have the latest specialist knowledge to support your business goals

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Your workforce challenges - solved

As the founder of the staffing industry, we’ve been connecting the world’s best companies and employees for seven decades.